SrTiO3 single crystal provides a good lattice match to most  materials with Perovskite structure. 
It is an excellent substrate for epitaxial growth of HTS and many oxide thin films.
SrTiO3 single crystal has also been used widely for special optical windows and as high quality sputtering target.


Typical Physical Properties

Crystal Structure

Cubic,           a=3.905  Å

Growth Method



5.175  g/cm3

Melt Point

2080 oC        


6   ( Mohn)

Thermal expansion

 10.4  (x10-6/ oC)

Dielectric Constant

~ 300 

Loss Tangent at 10 GHz

~5x10-4 @ 300K ,       ~3 x10-4 @77K

Color and Appearance

Transparent (sometimes slightly brown based on annealing condition).  No twins.

Chemical Stability

Insoluble in water

Standard Products

As - grown boule  <100>

30 mm dia.  x 30- 50 mm  length
22 mm dia.  X 30 - 50 mm  length

As cut blank <100>

1" dia x 0.7 mm thickness
10 x 10 x 0.7 mm thickness.

Epi -polished substrates
<100>, <110> or <111> ori.
1 or 2 sides polished, Ra< 7 Å

1" dia x 0.5 mm
20 x20 x 0.5mm
10x10x0.5 mm